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I am a PhD Candidate in Medical Biophysics at Keck School of Medicine of USC and graduate research assistant at USC Michelson Convergent Science Institute in Cancer where I head up a research program on understanding the progression of blood cancers and lead multiple projects in spatiotemporal mapping and prediction disease progression and therapy response in solid tumors and hematologic malignancies using machine learning and single cell biology.

Driven by scientific curiosity and humbled by the multiscale complexity of disease biology, I’m constantly inspired by the opportunity to leverage innovative science and technology to develop new medicines for the eradication of maladies and the betterment of human health.

As a champion of the extraordinary potential of biotechnology and AI/machine learning, I’m passionately committed to making biomedicine and therapeutics discovery more precise, predictable, and programmable.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from Syracuse University and have led research projects in molecular and computational biology focusing on drug discovery, target identification, machine learning to predict off-targeting in gene editing and to deconvolute polypharmacology in drug target interactions.

Trained as a multidisciplinary scientist, I champion team science and find excitment in emerging technologies and innovation in areas that hybridize computational and bench lab methods and strive to enable the next generation of innovators in biomedicine.

Besides mentoring a team of undergraduate reserarchers at USC, I currently serve as Strategy Lead @ Nucleate Los Angeles where we are empowering the next-generation of biotech founders.

When I’m not in the lab (bench or in silico), I like to play football (aka soccer), learn about aircrafts and aviation, read philosophy, and explore the vast outdoors.

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