North Star

Humankind’s most valuable asset and resource are health and time, respectively. Disease afflicts health and depletes time. There is no greater life purpose than the eradication of maladies and the betterment of human health. Fascinated by the multiscale and spatiotemporal complexity of disease pathogenesis, I champion innovative science and technology to decipher disease biology and make new medicines. I have committed to making the craft of therapeutic discovery more precise, predictable, and programmable.

There is no greater life purpose than the eradication of maladies and the betterment of human health.

Current affiliation

Libère is currently Senior Computational Biologist at Vitra Labs in San Francisco, CA where he is leading computational and data science efforts towards developing cell-based therapies to make IVF and reproductive health safer and more accessible to all patients.

Previous experience

Before joining Vitra, Libère was Computational Biologist II at NextRNA Therapeutics, where he led the Data Science and Modeling team developing and validating computational methods to accelerate drug discovery in ncRNA-directed therapeutics.

Education and early career

Libère earned his Ph.D. in Medical Biophysics from the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. In my doctoral research at USC Michelson Convergent Science Institute in Cancer where he developed multiparametric single cell assays and machine learning models for the spatiotemporal characterization of B lymphoid cancers, particularly focused on Multiple myeloma and its precursor conditions. He co-authored 4 peer-reviewed publications spanning single cell biology, liquid biopsy, machine/deep learning with a particular focus on hematology-oncology, more specifically B and plasma cell cancers, and one book chapter on applying deep learning methods to integrate multimodal data. During his time in sunny Los Angeles, he also served as Strategy Lead at Nucleate Los Angeles with the mission to empower the next-generation of biotech founders.

Prior to his doctoral education, Libère worked at Novartis, UCSF, NYSDOH, UC Berkeley leading different research projects accross machine learning for drug discovery, computational structural biology, target identification and drug discovery across such disease areas as oncology, diabetes, and dengue fever. Libère holds a Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from Syracuse University where he gained a deep appreciation for engineering biology and biotech entrepreneurship.

If at first you don’t succeed, that’s one data point.

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