HDSCA for Single Cell Morphogenomics in Myeloma

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University of Southern California. Paper to appear in:

Multiple myeloma, a disease of monoclonal plasma cells

Multiple Myeloma (MM) is an incurable plasma cell malignancy that initiates from a bone marrow resident clonal plasma cell that acquires successive mutational changes and genomic alterations to become highly proliferative polyclonal malignant plasma cells.

Detecting circulating tumor plasma cells

Since circulating plasma cells have been shown to correlate with poor prognosis, there is a need for robust detection and morpho-genomic characterization of aberrant plasma cells in the blood. Teams have build single cell based technologies to detect circulating plasma cells and among them the work by Zhang et al. was the first application of the HDSCA technology for characterizing myeloma circulating tumor cells using an enrichment free approach[^1]


[^1] Zhang et al. HDSCA Detection and characterization of MM CTCs

Libère Jensen Ndacayisaba

Libère Jensen Ndacayisaba

Computational Biologist II at NextRNA Therapeutics

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