CRISPR in Medicine

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The extraordinary rise of CRISPR as the principal toolbox for genome engineering

Back in 2014 when I was studying Biotechnology at Syracuse University, the ideas of gene and cell therapies were still in their infancy and clinical applications of these technologies remained mostly within academic discourse and confined in the four walls of academic labs. Zinc Finger Nuclease and TALENs reigned mighty as the go-to tools for genetic modification.

The discovery of CRISPR had just been published two years prior by Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier’s teams, discovery work that was quickly followed by a burst in literature showing the immense potential and promising applications of precise genome editing that the CAS systems were about to afford the biomedical community.

A brief history of therapeutic modalities

From ancient traditional medicines known through medical ethonobotany to extreme surgery practices and contemporal medicinal chemistry, to recent advancemements in genome engineering, the development of therapeutic entities and technologies has seen transformative changes. The mechanism-of-action of new medicines is critical for optimal long term tracking of possible adverse events.

Immunotherapy: Will CRISPR cement I/O as the fifth pillar of oncology therapeutics?

In oncology, immunotherapy has emerged as the fifth pillar in therapy.

CRISPR/Base editors as driving enablers of next-generation therapeutic modalities

Innovative CRISPR

CRISPR Medicine News 1

Base editors for probing MOA of therapeutic agents 2


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